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: Using Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant to rejuvinate faded trim
05-16-2011, 07:15 PM
Using Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant To Restore a Deep Natural Shine to faded plastic.

We have all seen it and sadly some of us know somebody who is affected by it. Perhaps you suffer from it as well... We are talking about faded trim on our favorite vehicle. Plastic cladding and rubber trim is brutilized by the sun's rays.

Meguiar's Ultimate Protectant is a polymer based dressing that will help restore a dark natural shine to faded trim as well as help prevent new trim from fading. This is not a dye, so reapplication will be necessary to keep the surfaces looking there best after the initial treatment.

Clean the part thoroughly.

This the first and in many ways the most important step. On our test subject, a 2006 Pontiac GTO, I simply used an old tooth brush in conjunction with car wash to remvoe any loose soiling. If you have wax residue or heavy build up consider using a quality all-purpose cleaner, such as Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner, while washing the vehicle. Rinse thoroughly and dry carefully.

The window trim on this Pontiac GTO has faded, which makes the entire car look aged, despite the still brilliant paint. This picture is after washing the piece thoroughly.

Here I applied to a strip of tape to the lower windshield trim to show the results that where possible.

Start by applying a small amount of Ultimate Protectant to the trim using a cotton towel, foam applicator, or microfiber cloth. Meguiar's recommends a small amount of product, about a pea sized drop, for an averaged piece of trim. If your trim is badly faded/oxidized you will find that it will 'absorb' the product, which requires more. I applied a quarter sized drop to half of the trim and found it was best to leave it on a little thick. The dried trim seemed to absorb a majority of it, so I reapplied a second, thick coat on top and allowed it to dwell.

While the second coat dwelled, I used a q-tip to applied Ultimate Protectant to the detail work in the trim.

Buff off any excess product and streaks with a terry cloth or microfiber. If you notice any areas that still seem dull, reapply Ultimate Protectant.

The dramatic difference.

The GTO Before

And After

05-17-2011, 08:17 AM
Todd, great long does this stuff last?
05-18-2011, 10:42 AM
Todd, great long does this stuff last?

That really depends on how often the car is washed. Washing it will reduce the finish slightly, but I would say 3-4 washes or 1 month tops. However it still looks good after rinsing away (almost like the plastic absorbed some of the product), so I would dare say it is semi permanent.

It also doesn't run down the paint like a lot of dressings.