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: Edmonton BMW Service Nightmare – Issues – Complaints – “Ir-repairable” Scratch on my

05-19-2011, 08:23 AM
Edmonton BMW Service Nightmare – Issues – Complaints – “Ir-repairable” Scratch on my car

So, here’s the deal, I took my 2007 335XI in for some warranty work on the high pressure fuel pump, injectors and fuel line programming. This is a recall for my car so you would expect them to be experts on the issue. They stated the work would take 1 day and we did the walk around on my car and noted all issues (dents, scratches, rock chips, etc.). At 4:30 on the Friday, they called me stating they would need my car over the weekend and that I could pick it up by noon on Monday. There were of course no loaner vehicles available so I am without a car. Okay, no big deal.

I picked my car up on Monday after work, and noticed a large scratch on the rear driver’s side door. I told them about it, and they stated they would do everything to get the scratch out, but couldn’t get it out tonight. They stated to take the car and bring it back tomorrow after work to see what they could do. I drove the car off the lot, and it stalled 3 times within 20 yards. There wasn’t any fuel going to the engine. I eventually got back to the shop and told them the issue. They said they would look into it and I had to yell, scream and beg for them to get me a loaner vehicle. They ended up renting me a 2 year old Ford Focus from enterprise! How lovely! 2 days later, I get a call. Here’s what they had to say word for word on my voicemail.

“Hi David, Brian from Edmonton BMW calling. Your car is ready to be picked up. Concerning the scratch, I sent it over to the body shop to get an estimate. They gave us the bad news, There are a few imperfections on the door itself, and therefore they won’t do anything for us on the scratch. I talked with the service manager and he feels that you should pick up a paint pen and see if you can get rid of the scratch to the best of your ability……”

So basically, they told me that they admitted to scratching my car, but I should buy a touch up paint from them and fix it myself. Talked with the service manager, general manager and nothing. So I have registered a formal complaint with the BBB, AMVIC, and Global TroubleShooter, but my expectations are low, I will just end up fixing this issue myself.

These guys are true priks, never take your car there. Go anywhere but.

Good luck,


05-03-2013, 11:22 AM
Wow this side of the forum is really dead. I know it's been a couple of years, but I am wondering what ended up happening?

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