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06-12-2011, 07:19 PM
Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I noticed that the Florida sun is finally getting to my headlights and added its touch of corrosion to them. Well I donít think that was originally part of the German design so I decided to go research how much it would cost to replace the lights. I quickly learned that I could not afford to go that route. What was I to do? Well a friend of mine gave me the answer, I would restore them using a headlight restoration kit. So off I was, to research the world of restoring headlights. First I went online to find out what everyone was talking about, and sadly I wasnít happy to hear the results. I wanted my lights to be PERFECT, who wouldnít right? From the reports that I saw the majority had a haze left on the lenses. NOT COOL. Next I went to the flea market, I knew there was a person there that was restoring headlights. I watched him restore a pair of headlights on a Jeep Cherokee. Yep there was a haze not to mention where he didnít tape of the paint there was minor scratches all over. NOPE that was off the list. So next I called around to some dealers and found that to get them professionally done, it would cost me $75.00 to $140.00 for the pair. That sounded pretty steep.

Finally I ran across this website of a manufacturer of car restoration products and found the answer to my dreams. They claimed that there product leaves a factory look without the haze and UV seals the lenses so that the sun wonít harm them again as they did before. So $30.00 later I got my kit. (The kit is for professionals which is why I chose it, who better to model after than someone who does these for a living).

I first masked off the two lights, sprayed a product on the lights to help remove the corrosion and began wet sanding with the sand paper that comes with the kit. About twenty minutes later, I had one lens prepped and was off to the other. Once I got both lenses prepped I then used the head light compound on them and I couldnít believe the results and I had one more step to go. After cleaning the cleaning the lenses again I then added the sealer to them (this is the part that is the trick). Once the dried an hour later voila, brand new headlights. And can I say what a difference with my night driving. I can see half way down my road again.

For those of you which are interested in the product I bought, I thought I would share. http://www.dvelup.com/Cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15_16&products_id=47&zenid=92689fd00eaead83ca9a84ff1f8e5b94

This company saved me thousands of dollars. I am totally impressed with this product and am going to try their color enhancer product next. It claims to help enhance the paint and plastics on the car. Stayed tuned and I will post that review once I get done with it.