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: Vibrations in 2011/ 528?

06-30-2011, 07:50 PM
hi, I have 2011 528 for a month. Drove home from dealer. Next day- Freeway- have vibration. Took back to dealer, they balanced wheels and said- all ok. back from dealer. Car in garage- last weekend went for trip on freeway again JESUS!!!!!! getting neck massage from vibration. Back to dealer with 565 miles on odometer- they balanced again, states that 1-st time machine was wrong. OK. This time rain on the way home so driving slowly back home. Evening- good weather took the car for ride- well- vibration again ( starts about 70m/h 75-80-do not even try). Ok I checked warranty for tires- have to go to tire dealer! and that's what BMW service manager suggested to: go to tire kingdom. OK. Went today guess what: 1 rim need 130g another more than 100g all - wrong balance. Took it from tire kingdom- better but still vibration. I called other BMW dealer meantime - answer- go to the one that you bought the car. And- you can not go there you have to make appointment. Holly s...t! I had volvos, audi, lexus, of course toyota and honda, mercedes- NEVER get the problem with any of them. What is wrong with BMW? Suggestions?:mad:

07-02-2011, 07:51 AM
Take it back to dealer where you bought it and leave it there until they fix it. It is ridiculus

07-20-2011, 12:50 PM
Has the dealership tried Road Force balancing??

I just had the rear Bridgestone RTFs replaced on my 07 530i. After replacement, I was getting a vibration/oscillation at 70mph. Took it back and the dealer rebalanced all 4 tires. However, still had the vibration (but barely perceptible).

I called again, took it back, and this time took a road test with the shop manager. He also felt the vibration but considered it minor. HOWEVER, because I had purchased the tires through them, he said he'd put all 4 wheels on their "road force" balancer -- his explanation was that it puts the wheel under load and provides a more accurate assessment -- and that he would perform it himself. When finished, he found one tire needed 10g, another 25g, and a third also needed a slight adjustment (but he couldn't remember what).

What might also be important to note is that he said all 4 tires were already within the "acceptable" range, but the RF balancer brought the variances down to neglible. He also mentioned the RFTs extremely stiff sidewalls will magnify any issues.

Voila -- vibration is gone!