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: F07 Splash Guards ( Installation Instructions )

07-06-2011, 07:28 PM
Just purchased the splash guards (mud flaps) for my 2011 GT (F07). The parts didn't ship with instructions and thought I might have ordered the wrong part numbers. Stopped by my BMW dealer and the parts department was able to verify I had the correct part numbers and printed out the installation instructions. That was nice of them.

If you need to order these online for a DIY project, the part numbers for both front and rear are on page one (1).

I wasn't sure where the screw clips went and the instructions answered my question. The instructions mention painting them so I guess if you want to go the extra mile they could blend in very well.

One odd note in the instructions, on page four (4) I think they are calling for a service tech to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery (12/min). Can't see how power affects mud flaps, maybe it's because they are ultimate driving mud flaps.


07-17-2011, 10:07 AM
BTW, thanks for the instructions. Did you have yours painted like the instructions say? I took mine to a shop to be painted and should have them back in a day or so. Depending on the color of the car, painting should help them blend in much better. In the short time I've had my vehicle, it became obvious that the lower paintwork would take a beating without the flaps. Good to get them installed before winter's sand and gravel begin to take their toll.