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: Total Car Tar Spritz-ing

That Guy
07-11-2011, 12:59 PM
Iím parked at work in my usual location which is way-way out there. And a parallel spot to boot in order to minimize risk of dings. Iíve had very good luck with this parking spot thus far. Anyway, on Friday the building owner decided to repair about a 20í x 30í section of asphalt. This section of asphalt is in the entry-exit of the parking lot and, while divided by a curb from my parking spot, is essentially right in front of my car (maybe 6 to 7 feet away from front bumper at closest spot). Well, I can only guess that because of the curb the repair company did not section off the parking lot prior to commencing work feeling there was adequate separation of cars and workers allowing for a safe work environment for the workers. But this was not far enough to keep my car from getting asphalt / tar all over it.

Iíll be the first to admit the workers would NOT likely have noticed anything on my car. Nor am I implying they were malicious and deliberately ďspritzedĒ my car. I didnít even notice myself when I left work at the end of the day. But Saturday morning I start to wash the car and all over the hood, fenders, roof, even the trunk is a fine mist of tar that has now adhered to my car. Little tiny tar mist that did not flinch with a normal washing.

Iím a do-it-yourself guy when it comes to car detailing. And obliviously Iíve had to remove tar before. But only small spots kicked-up from the tires. Not an entire car. In past Iíve used a clay bar to remove the tar. And I know a clay bar will work. But given the quantity of the tar in this case Iím wondering if there are opinions out there that a chemical would work better. As Iíve never used them Iím not familiar with ease of use, cautions, that sort of thing. Opinions? Recommended Products? Past Experience?

Using search function Iím seeing Stonerís Tarminator and Stonerís Natural Citrus Xenit. But my question is are these only to be spot-used? In my case Iíll be spraying entire panels of the car as the entire car has tar.

Car is Alpine White.

07-11-2011, 01:06 PM
For tar removal, I usually use WD-40. been using it for years with no harm to the finish. Although, paint cleaning clay may remove this as well.

07-11-2011, 08:54 PM
Go for the Tarminator. It's safe on paint, just be sure to wash well after using it. If you've only got light tar specks, it should start dissolving it on contact. And yes, clay would remove it too, but you have a greater chance of marring your paint from the tar that will get embedded in it. You'd be constantly refolding it, and it would probably ruin an entire clay bar.

07-12-2011, 04:11 AM
The reasoning for the use of solvents for the removal of bituminous asphalt is that it dissolves as a means of removal, as opposed to friction. Asphalt comprises; bitumen emulsion and fine graded aggregate with fillers and is very sticky and its presence on your paint means that harder particulate matter (dirt/grit) has also stuck to it. By agitating or rubbing the dirt/grit that is contained within the bituminous asphalt will cause surface marring or possibly scratching, dissolution alleviates any potential surface damage.

A safe solvent (Stoner***8482; Tarminator, Stoner***8482; Natural Citrus Xenit or Wurth Clean Solve) simply emulsifies and dissolves the bituminous asphalt when you spray it directly to the surface, apply to the affected area, allow sufficient react time, and carefully wipe off, you may have to apply it three or four times allowing plenty of react time between applications. It can also dissolve a variety of oil and petroleum based products, it's safe to use on all types of paint, plastics, synthetic fibres, carpet and upholstery. If used on vehicle paintwork, carpet or fabric re-apply a protect rant after use.

Other uses - it will dissolve chewing gum and adhesives. Use to de-tar wheel rims after cleaning, will also remove shoe scuffmarks from vinyl trim, and can be used to remove tree sap or fuel stains from paint surfaces.

Notes- use caution if you use WD-40 for bituminous asphalt removal as it contains strong hydrocarbon (aliphatic) solvents, which may compromise the integrity of the clear coat causing it to occlude (become opaque, clouded or yellowed.

07-12-2011, 07:52 AM
Stonerís Tarminator will do the trick in a minute. I use this on motorcycles for degreasing and it works like a charm.

My suggestion on the process. Work in a cool place, with a good bucket of soapy water. Mist the panel, spray on the Tarminator, let dwell for a minute, wipe the area with a clean towel gently to loosen everything up, then rinse and wash the panel with soap and rinse again. Check to see if there are any trouble areas and repeat.

Clay is really not the solution as the tar will embed into the clay and could cause marring. Once you have all the tar off clay would be good to use to make it super clean. Then apply more protection to the car

That Guy
07-19-2011, 08:53 PM
Tarminator was the correct choice. Car is back to normal but a lot of work.

Wash to get dirt off.
Tarminator and agitated with bug sponge.
Wash a third time to remove excess Tarminator.
Clay bar.

Hope this never happens to anyone else.

07-20-2011, 04:30 AM
Glad to hear you got it all off your car!:thumbup: