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07-14-2011, 08:39 AM
Hey all hope you are well, I know this is a VW Audi event but why not spread the love!


20% off Waterfest 17 Special

Itís that time again. Waterfest 17 is around the corner.

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Take a look at the hot products of the season!

Adamís Glass Sealant (https://detailersdomain.com/Adams-Glass-Sealant_p_346.html)
Uber Microfiber Towels (https://detailersdomain.com/Uber-Microfibers_c_95.html)
Uber Foam Buffing Pads (https://detailersdomain.com/Buffing-Pads_c_123.html)
1Z einszett Glanz (https://detailersdomain.com/1Z-einszett-Glanz-Wax_p_72.html)
1Z einszett Cockpit (https://detailersdomain.com/1Z-einszett-Cockpit-Premium_p_70.html)

Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner (https://detailersdomain.com/Sonax-Full-Effect-Wheel-Cleaner-500-ml-4-Pack-1-Free_p_403.html)(Buy 4 get 1 Free!)

Sonax in action (some brushing maybe required)

Check out the complete line up of Aquartz (https://detailersdomain.com/Aquartz-Nano-Technology_c_154.html) including Aquartz Iron Cut

Here is Iron Cut in action....

Here are some of our revised as well as new offerings

Prima Hydro Plus Kit
Adam's Glass Cleaner and Sealant Kit (https://detailersdomain.com/Adams-Glass-Cleaner-and-Glass-Sealant-Kit_p_545.html)
Leather Master Plus Kit (https://detailersdomain.com/Leather-Master-Plus-Kit_p_548.html)

You can email me at phil@detailersdomain.com with any questions.

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