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: Leather cleaner mixup results in Ammonia

08-14-2011, 01:38 PM
A friend and I were jointly cleaning our cars out at my place. We both were using the same types of sponges to clean the leather, however, he was using Lexol and I was using Adam's Leather Cleaner. Yadda yadda, my sponge gets switched with his. After wiping my seats for about 30 seconds I got a strong whiff of ammonia which resulted in me freaking out a bit.

Turns out that Adam's, when mixed with Lexol (and Leather Master's Strong cleaner) results in ammonia. I washed the seat down with water about five times and dried it. I didn't use it long and the amount of Lexol in the sponge wasn't that large.

So.. don't mix and clean!