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: 2010 520d New Model Problems

08-16-2011, 03:23 PM
I have a 520d new model purchased in Aug 2010. It has been taken in under warranty 3 times to 3 different BMW main dealers and returned to me. Problems are still arising and it has been with BMW again since June. Issues are the Locking System wont open , cruise system faulty, in car heating over heating, engine stalling , engine vibrating and shuddering, engine stopping and difficult to restart. No errors are showing for any of these problems on the cars display, 2 Ecu-main components have been replaced to date. BMW are unwilling to discuss my lack of faith in their car which has only travelled 8,000 miles. Has anyone any suggestions how I get them to meet me face to face as I am deeply unhappy and worried about the cars safety systems in an emergency. I should also point out I am a disabeled driver and this is my fifth BMW and I never had a problem before.