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: 2012 vs 2011 GT leases

08-31-2011, 02:22 PM
With the lease deals on the 2011 right now, I went to look at the local inventory. What I found was always "almost all the features I wanted and some I definitely did not on all the cars available" so we priced out a 2012. WOW I say!

The base car is a little more expensive, but the value package (ZVP) is included and has nav, garage door, power tailgate, rearview camera and keyless entry included now at NC. The comfort seat, and heated front were the only things I needed to add and the total list was about 62K (or 6K less than the 2011).

Lease wise, the 2012 priced out at about $28 more a month overall based upon not having many current incentives. ($799 a month including tax with 3500 down at 15k miles a year)

Looks like 2012 is the way I'll be going.

Any input appreciated on lease deals too :-)