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: E63/64 6-Series 19" Staggered Chrome Wheels/Tires - For E38 7-Series - Arizona

09-04-2011, 12:15 AM
These wheels were on my E38 7-series... And I got a ton of complements on the car due to the wheels...

These wheels are sooooooo easy to keep clean, and looking really good...


Times are though, I am unemployed, and I must sell my wheels...


Here are the rears...


Here are the fronts...


I do not like surprises, and I like to be 100% honest... One of the rear wheels has some curb damage...


What? ...You don't see it? :) Here is a close up... It's not bad, but it is there...


I do have the chrome plated center caps...

I have lifetime balance on my local tire shop... I will balance them before you get them!!!

I will also include 4 heavy duty wheel lug locks with it's key...

I am asking $1,250.00

I can ship these wheels anywhere but it may get pricey depending on your location...

Feel free to contact me via email: SV650R@yahoo.com or call/text 602 465 1359

Regards, Luis Taracena

As far as tires....

Fronts are Federal Super Steel 595
Size 245/40ZR19
About 7/32 thread


The SS595 is Federal's international ultra-high performance tire, developed for flagship sports cars requiring flat-out per-formance as well as excellent riding comfort. While Federal's latest fundamental tire technology, TTIC, gives wou smoother, faster and safer driving, the newly developed M.P.O.(Magnify Performance Optimization) technology also offers the driver a more consistent performance not just when new but through-out the whole life of the tire.

Flange protector protects alloy rims from curb damage
Hexiform bead profile efficiently locks tire onto wheel rim
Three Radius Tread Arc (T.R.T.A) delivers even pressure across the contact patch
Opti-noise technology for a quiet ride
Uni-directional tread pattern

Rears are Dunlop Sportmax SP 01A
Size 275/40ZR19
About 8/32 thread left


With the Dunlop SP Sport 01, the drivers can take advantage of an evolutionary leap into the tire technology: mass Dunlop summer tires production is directed towards cars from the middle class up to cars from the luxury class on asymmetrical up to direction bound profiles.
After designing three different profiles of the bearing surface of these tires, named the three zones design, the developers obtained an improvement in 3 typical Dunlop tire characteristics : sportiveness, safety and a low unreeling noise. Because of this the new Dunlop SP Sport 01 will also come as the 3S - for Sport, Safety and Silence- starting from July 2002.
That is why the Dunlop SP Sport 01 is more comfort oriented, the balanced alternative to the clearly sports oriented, direction bound, ultra high performance tire Dunlop SP sport 9000.