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: Possible 535i GT Purchase

09-24-2011, 07:33 PM
I've been looking for the right car for the past 4 months as a 2nd car and possible sales vehicle. I've been looking at 2008-9 BMW 528-535 used sedans pricing range from $28K-$38K.Also looked an used M-35 infinitis,and new Avalons and Genesis.Also considered leasing 2011 528i basic sedan. I want a quiet ,confortable great handling car with big back seat & storage room. I love 7 seriesbut way too much money for what you get.
I recently ran into a used 2010 535i GT with sports seats,conven.pkge camera for a decent price in Washington DC area for low $40's.
I was blown away with the room and ride height along with the size of the car. Absolutely in love with the car. Not the most attractive ride but for a fewK more than a used 2008 535 I think i might bite.

how is the resale or current pricing on used 2010 GT's?
Am I on the right Track?

09-24-2011, 08:31 PM
I don't follow the prices, so can't help you there. I do think that you'll like the vehicle. It is big, but isn't that big while driving.

09-25-2011, 05:24 AM
I'm not sure how much you drive, or how long you want to keep the vehicle, but for what it's worth...

With good credit you can lease a 2012 550 or 535 for under $30K total over 3 years with up to 52,000 total miles right now. Check out some of my posts right now. The deals are out there to move these. The x-drive is great, the seating room is as big as the 7, plus you can store gear/stuff in the back whem you need to.

Unless you want to own foreverm, or drive, more than 18K miles a year, the lease is an excellent deal right now.


09-25-2011, 08:57 AM
Upu won't be disappointed with capacity, performance or driving ability. In all areas, the vehicle is top shelf. We bought one and like the potato chip commercial, couldn't have just one, so we bought another! Excellent cars. If you travel in areas that get snow or inclement weather, you might want to opt for the Xdrive package with all-wheel drive. It comes with all weather tires even on the Sports Package (A must in my book) and fields light snow easily.

Best of luck!

09-25-2011, 09:50 AM
We love our GT! We traded our 06 750Li for her. Love the 7 series, huge back seat, comfortable ride, huge trunk, luxurious, and we bought her used, cpo, 3 years old for 1/2 of original sticker. You may want to think about a 7. So why did we trade? mpg. We averaged 19; wife was spending $150/week in gas alone, getting fillups every 2-3 days. this is mostly city driving, going to school, work, groceries, etc. That was the only reason we traded.

Wife wanted a similar car, but better mpg. back seat of the 5 is ok, but considerably less than the 7. she didn't consider Infiniti, even though I told her multiple times to look at the M. (we drove one a few years ago -- more spacious than the last gen 5 series, less sporty, but cheaper, and hybrid version gets 27/32 mpg, but that's with rwd. I have an old G35x and would strongly consider the M)

all that said, we spent several months looking at different cars (RX450h, several Lincolns, X5, 5 series) and fell in love with the GT. As luxurious and spacious as our 7, has awd for the winter, and decent mpg with the twin turbo 6 (19/27). For us, perfect!!