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10-23-2011, 07:47 AM
During my recent service, I made a warranty claim for a distressed left seat bolster of my driver’s sport seat.

Over the past year, the leather on the left bolster developed some “looseness” which resulted in an unsightly wrinkle on the side bolster. I thought asking BMW to cover this as a warranty item might be a stretch especially knowing that the fix probably required replacing the bottom half of the seat – an expensive repair. I thought BMW would deny the claim and say the seat reflected normal wear and/or I was responsible.

I appealed to BMW on the basis of 2 points. I made a very plausible argument based on facts about the nature of the Napa leather. Second, I made the point that the GT is my fifth BMW and it is in BMW’s interest to keep me happy. I gave BMW a plausible set of facts that would allow them to find in my favor or at the very least, to provide cover - if my technical points were not sufficient – to just make a smart business decision.

The dealership was in my corner. My SA took pics and the service manager filed a claim with BMWNA that incorporated my technical points. I followed up with two telephone calls to BMWNA which were recorded. The claim went to the technical group and was elevated to the “marketing” group – where, I understand, tough decisions are made. The rep from BMWNA told me that the marketing group is the place he would hope to get the claim, but I was already there – it was in the hands of the gods.

3 days latter – my SA emails me – Success! BMW is replacing the bottom half of my sport seat – the parts will be in the dealership in a couple of days. BMW could have easily denied the claim, however, they went the distance to satisfy the customer. I feel very sanguine about BMW. Just think…instead of writing about a very unsympathetic BMW, only concerned about making the last short term penny - I am speaking about how BMW made the right decision, satisfying me, and further enhancing their brand - yes - BMW went the distance...

10-23-2011, 09:16 PM
Excellent work! Yes its good to know that BMW does indeed stand by their products:) To this point I have experienced the same, although admittedly I have had to turn up the heat a notch or two in the past. That being said, these cars all have certain nuances, and part of the ownership experience is getting to know them:roll eyes:

Great Job Capo:thumbup::thumbup:

10-28-2011, 09:27 AM
agreed!! I tell others my BMWs have 'character' -- like when my E93 roof decides to stay open, or when the wife's old 7 series soft touch doors would not close . . . at all . . . this is all 'character'. when you're dealing with a supermodel, you put up with things like this!! And we have always been lucky to have the dealer by our side and BMW always do the right thing! Outstanding customer service from both corporate and dealership builds tremendous brand loyalty, which keeps me with BMW, even after my E93's FOUR visits this summer for top issues! Good job BMW!!