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: News: Announcing the BMW "Mission to Drive Sales Event"

Jon Shafer
11-02-2011, 10:05 AM
"With the final 60 days of 2011 upon us, the time has come to close out the year in strong fashion. The BMW Mission to Drive Sales Event has been designed to provide you (read: ME) with all of the needed resources to help you break through the mundane competitive advertising clutter and shine brightly during this holiday period. Our advertising plan will feature distinctive ads that are designed to highlight BMW's dominance while creating a clear and compelling call to action that shoppers are seeking. No matter which way you slice it, the tools are firmly in place for you to not only successfully compete, but ultimately prevail in the year end retail environment.

At the heart of all of our offers is the return of the Lease or Retail Finance Credit. With amounts of up to $2,500 on every 2012 model, this aggressive call to action is what is needed to pique interest and maximize sales during the holidays. The Credit will also be matched with compelling monthly lease payments that feature no security deposit. In addition, BMW will round out the year end "blitz" by offering 0.9% retail finance through 24 months to help further enhance the buy now urgency."

Now is a great time to order a new BMW.

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