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The All German Auto Sunshade Slider Repair Kit. A Quick and permanent fix for your broken BMW sunshade.

The BMW Sunshade problem
The T-sliders are made of plastic and easily break. The T-sliders are not sold separately from BMW and it is costly to replace the entire sunshade.

The All German Auto Solution
From the same company that brought you the aluminum power steering reservoir (http://www.agatools.com/part/bmw-power-steering-reservoir) and the N62 coolant pipe repair (http://www.agatools.com/part/bmw-n62-coolant-pipe) All German Auto has created a stronger T-slider made of 6061 aluminum so that it will never break.

The Benefit to you
A potential $1100 to $1500 replacement of the sunshade would now be a repair job at a fraction of the cost. The T-sliders will last longer and are sold separately.

Available for the following E-codes
E38, E39, E46, E60, E65, E66 & more!

What's included in the kit

Two AGA-6061-SSK T Slider Replacement Aluminum Slider
Two AGA-6061-SSK Rivet Set Rivet Sets
Total price $119.00

For more information on how All German Auto Sunshade Slider Repair Kit works watch the video -

For instructions & fitments visit the product page on All German Auto's website: http://www.agatools.com/part/sunshade-repair-kit (http://www.agatools.com/part/sunshade-repair-kit)

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