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May 1st, OC and LA Caravan Information

04-20-2004, 12:01 AM
I've been organizing 2 caravans for the day of bimmerfest for the OC and LA areas. Threads have been started over at

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"Me and BlackBMW325i are setting up the Bimmerfest caravans for the OC, LA area. The OC caravan does not have an address of a set location yet but I'll have one in the next few days. It will be near a coffee shop around beach bl. Around the 405 freeway in Huntington Beach.

Meeting time will be 6:30am and we'll plan to leave around 6:50am. We'll head up the 405 and meet the LA caravan in Glendale around 7:30 ish. We'll wait there for a few mins and be on our way to bimmerfest by 8. Bimmerfest starts at 9 so we'll be pulling in 15-20mins late. Hopefully make a good show if we can get enough cars!!

Again, bimmerfest is Saturday, May 1st. I encourage everyone to go. Even though its a long drive, it'll be a blast if we can get 40 cars driving up PCH. Its an awesome drive and the trip is worth it for just that. I'll have my contact info up when I post the address of the meeting spot.

Since it is a long drive and we don't want to lose anyone, Bring Radios and keep it to a normal freeway speed. I'll have maps and contact numbers for everyone registered the day of. But basically, we're heading up the 101 and you'll see bimmerfest right off the freeway.

Lets start a roll call.


04-20-2004, 06:20 PM
so there are two caravans from la now? ... :confused:


King Jason
04-22-2004, 12:45 PM
so there are two caravans from la now? ... :confused:

No, I think the Glendale one is going to meet up with the LA people at 8.