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: Removed Visor Decals

12-18-2011, 11:18 AM
I removed the Airbag decal from the cloth visors - even easier than I thought it would be after reading other posts. It only took a few minutes.

The visor is removed by prying off the fascia from the mount, removing the torx screw, and disconnecting the power plug.

I used 100% alcohol and soaked the decal with a paper towel - about one third of the decal area at a time. The trick is to only soak it long enough to cause it to release from the cloth. If you soak it too long it disintegrates - making it harder to remove the little pieces. I only soaked it about a minute under a weight to ensure contact and the decal can be gently pulled off without tearing.

There is currently a faint outline of where the decal used to be, but I expect it won't be as visible as the nap recovers and the foam underneath pushes up the cloth.

Not sure how regular rubbing alcohol would work - I just happened to have a 100% bottle in the garage. You also could probably remove the decal from the visor mounted in the car since the alcohol was not dripping from the towel....