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: Style 5's Refinished, Polished Lips, With Tires $1200 or trade.

01-02-2012, 02:04 PM
This is more of a feeler than anything so the price is very firm at this point. Only looking to sell as I'd like something wider and more aggressive for my v8 e36...but these will do if the right deal doesn't work out.

Selling my Style 5's: (BBS rc090)

17x8 square
215-35-17 Hankook fronts
225-45-17 Pirelli rears

You will need a slight roll on your rear fenders if your car is lowered, and a decent roll if you're dumped to use these tires. Fronts should be good unless you're dumped.

About half tread, fronts show camber wear.

Lips were stripped, wet sanded from 400-2000, and hand polished.

They are not perfect, but they clearly look good.

Bolts were sanded and painted satin black

Centers were sanded, and painted gold, with clearcoat.

Center caps are painted and cleared, original BMW emblems will be included with blue parts painted black.

I refinished these myself so there will be flaws, please don't expect a perfect wheel.

I did not paint the backs of the barrels as you can't see them, and I wasn't overly concerned with part of the wheel that isn't seen.

Bolts were torqued to 20ft lbs.

New valve stems were installed when I put the tires back on.

Wheels will need balanced as just my luck I ran out of weights.

Price is $1200 FIRM with tires.

$1000 FIRM without.

I'd prefer them picked up in person so you know exactly what you're buying.

But if you want to pay shipping and buy based off of nothing but photos on the internet I will ship.

As far as trades, I am looking for wide, low offset, concave wheels. 17 or 18. I will travel to make a deal.

Photos: My apologies for the low quality, my Iphone seems to take crappy pictures with the lighting in my garage. I will take better pictures if someone is seriously interested. .jpg jpg .jpg g jpg jpg

Rear Tread: .jpg

Front Tread: jpg jpg

On a car: (These have not been on the road since re-finished, just mocked on friends cars as mine is in pieces) pg

With 8mm spacer on rear: .jpg

No spacers below: .jpg jpg

01-03-2012, 04:39 PM
Do people put them on their cars still?

01-03-2012, 05:54 PM
Do people put them on their cars still?

Sarcasm? These are extremely popular on e36s.