View Full Version : Gunmetal 18 x 9.5 VMR CSL REPS (2) For Sale - NORCAL *SOLD*

Keyser Soze
01-09-2012, 03:08 PM
most likely these are gone, I will update if the deal falls apart

I am going to a Non-Staggered setup and will be offering the rears for sale. I am selling these as I already have 4 track rims in my garage I didn't want to long-term store 2 more.

Purchased from EAS in December 2009, 15k miles since then.

Size: 18 x 9.5

Tires: Sumi HTZ III's (will need to be replaced)

Dings: 1 curb ding (will take better pics of it of course)

I could meet someone locally in Sacramento or in the Bay Area if necessary. Shipping would be via UPS and I would cover the charges most likely.