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: 650i xDrive Coupe - Finally Here!

02-02-2012, 07:29 PM
I'm absolutely in love, and I haven't even been able to have too much fun due to the weather and my schedule. Here are some of my first impressions:

The car in general looks amazing: M Sport with Carbon Black (20" wheels), Full LEDs, Black Nappa Leather, Nappa dash with contrast stitching, black ceramic controls, and gray poplar wood trim.

xDrive is awesome. I have been driving on damp roads and through standing water, and if I were blindfolded I would never know about the road conditions. Wet or dry, it feels amazing, and I don't think the extra weight has a remarkable effect on the handling. This thing is amazing in the corners.

Feels closer to an M3 than the convertible version. I'm using the M3 as a bench mark because that is the most amazing car I have ever driven. My test drive was in a convertible (no xDrive or ARS), and it was fine, very powerful, but I did not get that same thrill as I did in an M3. My coupe with xDrive and ARS definitely closed the gap. The 6 is still a lot heavier than the M3, but my build is perfect for what I was looking for - a big, luxurious, aggressive-looking coupe. Not quite as good as the M3, but very impressive given it's dimensions and weight. Note: I had a very limited test drive with the convertible, so my experience with it is limited.

The LEDs are stunning. None of the pictures online do these justice. They are worth the money for their looks alone. However... they are amazingly white, the corner illumination is brilliant, and the auto-on/off is one of my favorite features - tested them last night, and they didn't miss a beat (rain-sensing wipers work very well, too).

Premium Sound (non-B&O): I decided against the B&O because I realized that the main reason that I wanted it was for aesthetic purposes (brushed aluminum, LED, etc.). Very tempting, but $5500 (Premium + $3700) was more than I could justify. I am very pleased with my decision. I have listened to a variety of genres at various sound levels, and I have been very impressed. I don't feel like they made it bad just to make sure the B&O sounded that much better. I think it sounds like a high-end sound system, not whatever was left sitting around the factory. I don't regret my decision at all.

Entertainment: I love iDrive. I was a little worried about getting used to it and becoming distracted, but it has been a very easy transition. I much prefer it over a touch screen (a minor, but nevertheless real, mark against the Jaguar XKR, in my opinion). I am using my iPhone 4S for bluetooth telephone and my old (deactivated) iPhone 4 as an iPod for my music. The 4S stays in my pocket and the 4 is plugged in in the console with the white Apple cable for use as an iPod. This way I get the cover art with the plugged in phone but don't have to deal with cords/docking my real phone that I use for calls. I love the scroll wheel with the display below the tachometer for scrolling through music, but my only complaint with this is that I have to reach over to the CD "skip" button on the dash to skip ahead to another song if I have it playing on random, as opposed to an arrow to do that on the steering wheel. Minor complaint, but just taking some time to adjust from old habits. I have BMW Apps, but not really using it for anything. Updated a Facebook status using it just because I could. Facebook and Twitter aren't that important to me. Pandora may be nice, but I have everything I want on my iPod.

HUD: I love this feature. It renders the speedometer and the main screen nav. instructions pointless. I never look at the speedo for my speed, and I just follow the directions projected via the HUD. They are in my line of sight and easier to follow. Amazingly clear and easy to read both day and night. I did have to buy some non-polarized Oakleys, but small price to pay for daytime use of this system.

Comfort: There is a reason why they have 20-way seats. Sounds excessive, but tweaking every bit of the seat makes a huge difference. Also, the heated seat function is the best I have every used. They get amazingly hot (left vertical red zig-zag marks running along my back after 20 minutes of use). The M steering wheel is very ergonomic and comfortable. It is thick and shaped perfectly whether you are driving aggressively or just cruising. I've never felt so strongly about a steering wheel. lol.

Complaints: Contacts could be easier to navigate. It is annoying to have to sift through my entire address book to find contacts, and the search feature isn't ideal either while driving. If anyone knows a way to create a different list outside of the one that syncs with the phone, please let me know. Switching to the next song when set to random is bothersome since you can't do that on the steering wheel - but it is nice seeing the list beneath the tachometer. The trunk is annoying. It gets points for being huge (relatively), but BMW really should have made this an automatic. It is not the easiest thing to close (without leaving fingerprints) given its weight. It has handles, but they require a bit of force, and I already knocked a plastic reflector/light piece out in an attempt to close the lid. This probably shouldn't be under complaints, but I guess to some it would be... There is no back seat. I am 6' 4", and there is no way anyone can sit behind my seat. I know it is a 2 + 2, but in my case it is a 2+ maybe 1 short person. I really don't care that I don't have a back seat. I'd rather have plenty of room in the front, but there are maybe 2" between the back of my seat and the seat cushion of the driver's side rear seat.

The "complaints" paragraph is kinda long, but I'm really running a fine-toothed comb over the car. I have no "real" complaints (other than the trunk) or regrets. I absolutely adore it. It is fast, handles very well, filled with toys, extremely luxurious, and it is eye catching. In the past two days I've noticed 10 people staring and pointing as I drive by - great unless they decide to run into me :)

Here's a link to 6post with a bunch of pics I uploaded:


02-02-2012, 07:41 PM
Very nice, looks just like my car, love the contrast stitching, looks awesome! Now its time to get the windows tinted.

02-03-2012, 01:59 AM
Nice review. Glad you are loving it!

02-03-2012, 04:40 PM

Gorgeous :thumbup:

02-04-2012, 01:19 PM
Very nice!

I have some where around 800 contacts on my iPhone. I can usually find the person I want with the input of three letters and then finding the name in the resulting list. That seems to work fine on my 2010 is it different on the 2012?

02-04-2012, 03:54 PM
Nope. It's the same. I'm liking the voice control route. I have a couple I use all the time in the iDrive hard buttons, but it seems to work fine with the rest of the contacts I've tried. I'm trying to avoid doing too fine dialing with the controller while driving if at all possible. Menus are easy to navigate with little distraction, and I'm trying to remember the number of clicks to specific items so I don't have to look.