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: The deal they offered me to lease....

02-20-2012, 10:18 PM
Hi guys,
my wife and I are looking hard at a 535 and 550
I'm coming from an Ml63 AMG....have not enjoyed this last yr in the truck. HP is fantastic! That's the only upside. To long a list.
Test drove the 535IA today
Black on black
Nav and premium sound
M sport package
Sunshades rear and top cameras

Here's the deal the guy gave us on an initial sit-down
Msrp was $62,495
invoice $58,600
money factor 0.00185
Term36 Months
Residual factor 59% equals $37,137

I wanted the payment with the taxes and liscense built in.
The sales guy said profit on their end for the deal was $600

My monthly payment is.......$951.08:cry:

I can't do that financially right now. Not to lease a car.

What's your thoughts and can anyone that has bought a similar 535 give me a bottom number I could expect to pay on a lease if I find the right deal from the right place?

I was also offered a regular buy @ 60 months @ 3.9% w 5k down

Here's the deal and the requirements I told the sales guy I want to know up front
0 money down

02-23-2012, 01:57 PM
Sounds like on the high side. Just ordered a 535iGT, paying less, on a more equipped car, O down.