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: BMW Group U.S. Reports a 31.5% Increase in Sales for February 2012!

03-01-2012, 01:04 PM

We could have all probably guessed that BMW would see a BIG boost in sales this past February given the worldwide release of the new 3 Series but not many could have predicted that it would be the best February in the past 5 years. Sales were up 29.2% overall for the BMW Brand with a total of 21,204 cars sold for the month.

The big mover as you know was the increased sales for the 3 Series line-up which was up a staggering 66.3% from the prior year. Other big movers included the 6 Series (up 399.1%), and the X3 SAV (up 42.5%).

The MINI brand had an even better month making it the best February on record for the brand. Sales were up 42.2% from the previous year with 4,980 cars sold.

03-02-2012, 09:30 AM
Wow! What in increase in the sales of the 6-series. Great to see

03-02-2012, 06:12 PM
Strange to see the 5 Series (F10) lagging far behind. Maybe the weight gain is to blame.

03-02-2012, 07:38 PM
So I guess all we want is the 3. Why bother with anything else?

PS: What about the rest of BMW? How did they do?

Lazy Bear
03-04-2012, 10:01 PM
Hm they sell as many Z4 as they used to sell 5 series wagons. Does it mean they gonna pull the plug on Z4 too? ;-)

Strange, Z4 is new model. Looks like it is perhaps got too expensive for what it offers... Starting at 49K for 4 cyl? Cayman is only 2k more.

Previous gen Z4 used to be quite common sight.

03-07-2012, 02:35 PM
The BMW brand itself (i.e. Mini excluded) has added approximately 4,800 units in sales. 3,200 of those have come from the completely new 3 series - which could include a few people who were holding back on the 3 series purchase for some months. The new X3 also seems to be doing well.

What is disappointing is that the 5 series has fallen behind, and it is relatively early in the model cycle.

Have to wait for the full year numbers, but the grown up 3 should do well, is my guess.

Lazy Bear
03-07-2012, 09:33 PM
Actually I am not that surprised about new 5er. As an owner of previous gen 5 I can say I wouldn't buy new 5. Too large, feels more like 7. I'd probably buy 3 today. So I guess new 3 cannibalizes some of the potential 5 sales and 5 probably attracts some of 7 buyers these days.