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Rental at GVA: questions

03-07-2012, 10:18 PM
So our European delivery for June went up in smoke a couple of weeks ago (cannot get out of wife's leased Cadillac early and she now has a company car). However, we are still confirmed for a June trip to Tuscany. One advantage to not doing ED is we now have greater flexibility as to where we fly into (though I am racing my bicycle in the French Alps on July 8th so we're not that flexible). I found some pretty good fares from JFK to GVA on Swiss and like the fact that we can use miles and points to either offset the fare or upgrade cabins. All this said, I need a rental car. I have the sixt app on my iPad and have been playing around with rentals. I know that there are often better deals had off-airport property and the sixt app gives me three options for Geneva: Geneva French, Geneva Swiss or Geneva city. (My wife has given me the ok to book a BMW since I can't get a new one for myself this time:thumbup:.) When I look to book in the Swiss sector, the rate is aproximately $1500:yikes: however, when I look at the French side, it is much more reasonable at $700. What gives? Does anybody have advice for me on renting a car in Switzerland? Thank you in advance.

03-08-2012, 12:45 PM
Here is what is going on: Switzerland is more expensive than France (probably for everything) when you you look at the USD amounts as the Swiss Franc is stronger than even the Euro. The Geneva (FR) rental location for Sixt is actually across the border in 01216 Ferney-Voltaire, France, despite having a Geneva postal address. It is approx. 7 km from Geneva center and 10-12 km from the airport. If you book a car there, possibly they have airport pick-up, but you'll have to check.

BTW, I priced a 1-series at all three locations for 10 days in mid-June using the Sixt web site. Here is what I got:

GVA airport/CH USD 582.21
GVA airport/FR USD 350.56
Geneva centre USD 495.65

All of these included unlimited km, but no extras.

My only Swiss rental experience was in Geneva, but as it was just for one day I had the hotel concierge book me an A3 (older style). It came with a vignette.

03-08-2012, 02:25 PM
That makes sense, B-Y. Thank you. Based on the fact that there are three of us and a bike, we need something bigger than a 1er. The pricing for a 3er wagon is