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: Changed trim in 2 X5's

05-31-2004, 07:56 PM
Armed with some pretty unclear instructions, me and a friend went to changing the trim in my '04 X5 with my mother-in-law's '01. She had tan/dark poplar and I had black/light. She saw the light on the showroom and ok'd the switch with mine.

Taking out the console is not that bad once you've done it- Twice. We removed mine first, as we had easy access to the car. Just about the time we removed the console, she drove up. The swap would be easy. :angel:

We started on the console first as it promised to be the most difficult. It was correct in its promise.


Removal requires only a few screws. One for the carpet near gas pedal- its near the aux power on the pass side. The carpet cover pops off and must be twisted out of the snug fit. The rear carpet cover just pops off revealing a varying number of screws depending on the year. Her '01 had only 3- all phillips. My '04 had four- adding one large (T20) torx.

Under the carpet are two screws along the side of the console. One secures the lower portion to the body and the other secures the console to a metal frame. Once these screws, the shift boot and handbrake covers, are removed, the console can be lifted. This is when you can squeeze your hands underneath the hazard switch and push it outward. This will reveal the final screw- it holds the metal bracket to the body.

An important thought is to remember this metal bracket and re-attach it to the console BEFORE you go to install in the car. This will help your alignment a bunch.

Removing the console is a trick. Instructions say to put the car in D, but I didnt have patience for the key in ignition gongs, so we manuevered it by lifting from the rear and twisting to the right for clearance. My '04 had 3 times as many connectors as hers. They all pretty much unlplug. Instructions say something about not mixing up the plug- Mixing them up was impossible on both cars as they were all very different.

The shifter cover simply lifts straight out. Push the selctor in and lift like you may just break it. It'll come right off.

Once both consoles were out, the switch was easy. We did make her car install more difficult by forgetting to install the cupholders and not seeing it until we had the console allllmost lined up. :cry: We took the whole thing back out, removed the trim from the console, replaced the cupholders onto the trim, and then the whole thing BACK onto the console. :tsk: BACK in her car, we aligned everything nicely and it was buttoned up quickly.

My cars re-install of dark trim went much faster. The trick of installing the metal bracket and the rear A/C controls first saved a lot of headache.

The next toughest thing (for us newbies) was the CD cover. We could not for the life of us figure that one out. :bawling: Turns out we just hadn't unscrewed the CD player enough. Once we kept turning, the thing relaeased and the door was an easy removal and swap.

The doors and dash trim was a simple screwdriver. The swap between the two cars was started about 12:30 and done by 3:30 even with our woes. Obviously the instructions we had helped some, but nothing helps better than experience. I have pics of the consoles and some others, I will likely edit and post them sometime, soon.

06-01-2004, 09:42 AM
This is a great one - I sure wish you had pictures to post!