View Full Version : MIL Light not working 98 750IL

06-10-2012, 10:51 AM
I purchased this car and it seems someone replaced the instrument pannel. We think it is a attempt to sell the car for more and lower miles. This is water over the bridge now.

I can not pass emission until I get rid of the MIL or check engine light not working. I heard if someone swaps a instrument cluster a red light displays to notify foul play I have a little red light on trip miles is all?

I can take out the cluster and test the one bulb and it is good however there are several trubble displays on the circit board with this one bulb. I think they tampered at the board level?

I am not sure if i need to open up the cluster and see the inside? there are 4 snaps and it looks like some "turn stars" plastic & one broke.

Should I attempt to open this cluster up? If yes what should I see and check? How can I do it the star plastic things are fragile and not easy to turn.

06-11-2012, 11:43 AM
I would highly recommend you call your State and inquire. Also call the previous owner. If this car was tampered with you have the right to return the vehicle for a full refund. Knowing all the computers the vehicle has, chances are that somewhere the milaege registered, especially on the keyfob. You would have to be pretty stupid or pretty smart to try to pull a fast one like this. The penalties are too harsh and severe and I beleive there could be jail time associated with this type of crime. Go to a dealer and see if they have any software that will show the history and dates of your vehicle. Good Luck and keep us posted. Also if you car is a 1998 you are on the wrong forum.