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: System Updates - Jsut need some clarity

06-10-2012, 09:13 PM
Oh it is awesome to back with BMW! Away for a few years, last was 1999 e39, now a 2006 e60 530xi. Love it!

Anyway, I am computer scientist and I have some questions about what can be updated on the new e60. I know the maps are through the DVD, but I also saw posts regarding the following items -

1 - iDrive
2 - DME/ECU update
3 - System update

I guess my question is; I need to know what I can update? It is a bit unclear and I know you gearhead techs kno more than most dealers. I have DVD-Based NAV (navteq), 8.8 widescreen, iDrive and more; 2006 530xi.

I am a firmware and software update junkie. I don't like to sit back and watch the programmable parts of the car get old and outdated.

Please help a techie learn what "really" can be upgraded. Please let me know if you know the cost and if it is a dealer only upgrade or DIY.

Thanks in advance.

-Kyle Kontney

06-11-2012, 04:20 AM
Hi Kyle. The key words you are looking for are CCC to CIC retrofit. This is the upgrade to the new NAV/radio/DVD/display.

For programmable options and firmware updates you want to lookup NCS Expert and WINKFP coding threads.

Check out DIY forum and parts, Accessories and mods forum.

E90post has a BMW coding forum also.

Then there is

06-11-2012, 04:29 AM
1 - iDrive Depends on which version you are running
2 - DME/ECU update Leave it alone. Only BMW should do this and with a valid reason. It manages the specific engine which is no longer in production. So only if the sw is faulty will they reflash it.
3 - System update What system?

You can download NCS Expert software to a laptop and connect with a cable to the ODB port. Then mess around with the car's operating system for myriad functions. I did it to delete the moronic legal warning on start up, eliminate error messages for my Angel Eye LED bulbs, and some other conveniences that are available, like window/sunroof controls from key fob. You could have some fun with that. Cable is expensive, around $65.