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: 07 530xi Fuse 18 Issues: Dash/Nav/Instrument Cluster/Radio

06-11-2012, 04:25 PM

I have reviewed threads for similiar issues and have found none related for my wife's 2007 530xi. Please keep in mind it was in the mid-90s while I was doing this in my driveway for comical relief. Here is a summary of the issue:

1) Started car and had no instrument panel lights, NAV, or radio.
2) Checked fuses in glove box (thank you BMW for the road map). According to the diagram I should have had a 30amp (light green) fuse in slot 18. For some reason I did not. All other fuses were not blown.
3) Inserted new 30amp fuse into slot 18 and turned the car on. I received several error messages including the AWD and DSC issue I have been battling for about a year - found posts related to that and posted my results with the BMW dealer.
4) I decided that disconnecting the positive terminal on the battery would hopefully correct the issues. I disconnected the positive terminal for 5-10 min with car off and all four doors open.
5) Reconnected battery and turned car on. All the error messages were gone with the exception of the Service Engine Soon light...

Any suggestions/questions/concerns would be most appreciated!!! Thank you very much.


06-06-2015, 06:33 PM

I am having exactly the same issues with my 2007 BMW 530xi. Any help would be greatly appreciated.