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: E65 Alternator Remove Replace

06-14-2012, 05:41 PM
I have a 2005 745i with a failed alternator. My BMW shop (not dealer) wants $1,200 to replace. The wanted $1,100 to replace the guibo coupler and I did it myself (with a little help from Bimmerfest) for about $150. Looks like a rebuilt alternator will run just over $100, so I want to do it myself, but can't find any info on changing it. Anyone know how to? Thanks.

06-15-2012, 06:03 AM
Dude dealer only gives u 2 1/2 year warranty for an alt. & it is also a rebuild! Reason why I went with an autozone rebuilt because its lifetime warranty! & at the half price of what dealer would charge! Research DIY section plenty of people have DIY on this topic!

06-15-2012, 06:33 AM
Thanks for the advice.

02-14-2014, 08:46 AM
2006 BMW 750Li 4.8Liter Alternator Removal:

Alternator Removes out of the top of Vehicle.

Note: I removed the lower and upper radiator hoses and small Coolant Hoses From Water Pump Housing. I pull the release springs and then using little force with Crow Foot and my hand pull away from water pump just to get the hose to move .0003 of inch then spray lubrication oil and then work hose in and out lubricating as needed. I use White Lithium Grease upon re installation of All Hoses. ..

In Right Side - Trunk Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable

Jack up car front Center under engine

Use jack stands to support I put my jack stands under rocker panels at Jack Pads.

Remove lower plastic skid plate

Drain Radiator Right Side Lower is the Drain plug***8230;....Unscrew then loosen Radiator Cap.

Look Left side Lower / Radiator you see the transmission cooler housing look at bottom you see a plastic release with a 90' degree handle, pull down gently till stops, this unlock the inlet port of cooler housing.

Take note: use a crow foot and gently work the Transmission cooler housing loose off the radiator inlet port, there is O ***8211;ring that seal the port to the cooler housing, Once loose the cooler housing hangs on right and left side hanger, Wiggle off hangers and allow cooler to drop and hold with buggie cords.

Remove Jack Stand / Lower Vehicle

Left side / drivers side Remove the Air Filter Housing, 2 Screws hold housing to support

Remove the Top Engine Cover , 4 ***8211; 10 mm bolts

Remove 10 -Torex Bolts Across Center Cover then remove cover from over Radiator.

Right Side / passenger side unplug single Radiator Electric Cooling Fan Connector

Remove 4 Torex Screws from top plastic radiator support, 2 Torex screws on each side L/R Note may have to wiggle A/C pressure lines to gain access to Right Side T-screws, Remove the 1 Torex screw center.

Left Top Cover with Cooler Assembly together and rotate to top of motor

Gently wiggle Radiator Cooling Fan Assembly Up and remove.

With Upper / Lower Radiator Hose Remove from Radiator Gently wiggle Radiator Up And Away from Vehicle.

Loosen 12volt Battery wire from hold down clamps and the Regulator Sending wires from the Hold clamps On Left Front Valve Cover.

Using 16mm Socket Loosen 2 Alternator bolts and using crow foot wiggle Alternator away form engine and then forward

I Removed the Radiator to flush her and for radiator not to be there in case Alternator rolls out of my hands...

Note: Look At Single 12 volt Battery Wire is Sitting Before Removing Nut and lock Washer.

Remove single Regulator wire plug and 12 volt Single Battery Wire, Now Remove Alternator out of the vehicle.

Reverse Procedure To Install -------------------------------

Note": After Attaching Regulator Signal Wire Plug and Bolting on 12 Volt Battery single wire exact direction it was removed, began put the 12 volt Battery Single wire back into there holding Clips then move New alternator into its mount. I used the Short Top Bolt for New Alternator to hang on then aligning long bottom bolt in through Alternator mount.

02-14-2014, 08:58 AM
If you have an air cooled alternator, then skip all the parts about removing coolant hoses. Just make sure you unplug the power wire in the trunk. You don't want to get the "SPARK" surprise, LOL

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02-14-2014, 05:47 PM
The Electric Radiator Cooling Fans Will need to come out...as far as the radiator yes your right ...with air cooled radiator you do not need to drain the coolant and remove the hoses or radiator ...but hahaha my hands are not as steady as they use to be and i know the Alternator would roll out of my hand right into the radiator....any way..thanks for the reply ...fun little alternator to install....have a great day".....!!!