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: Batter Tender Plus Vs. Junior?

06-15-2012, 08:50 AM
Hi, I'm wondering what the difference is besides the obvious current output. Does the Plus have an internal fan that can be heard? I already have smart charger that will go into float mode, but it has an aweful fan that can be heard. I'm hoping the Junior does not have a fan is operates like a power adaptor. Is this the case or does the Junior have an internal fan also?

Do these tenders vary in output current below the rated (maximum?) output such that the Plus will drop below 1.25A for when the batt is almost completely topped off? If not, the only way to go with a slower charge rate is with the Jr. model?

From the looks of the photos on Amazon, it looks like the Jr. unit plugs directly into a wall socket with no AC cord. Can someone please confirm? thanks!

06-15-2012, 09:50 AM
get the plus you wont regret it yes the junior is all in one plug ..

plus is better than the junior we have both at the shop i use the junior for my atv's and harley

use the plus on the cars