: bmw 730D gearbox problem

06-16-2012, 03:33 PM
hello everybody , this is my first post here with this user , i've been following this forum for months but never had a user.
I have a problem with my bmw 730D , 2005 model
lets start :
1. sometimes , like 3 out of 10 times when i put the shifter from N to D i can hear a bad sound like a shock or something kinda "CRANK" , is this normal ? it sounds like when you drive manual cars when putting it into 1st gear
2. second problem is that when the gearbox shifts between gears i get a small delay: for exemple when it reaches 2000 rpm it has a delay , its not accurate and it feel like accelerating with the clutch pressed on a manual car
the car has 189 000 km so far and i got it as an 18 years old birthday pressent from my father.
i had an oil leak from the gearbox some time ago so i went to the service and they added 1 more liter of transmision oil.
What could be the problem ? The mechanics told me that i should change the transmision filter and the oil from the gearbox.
what do you think about this ?
i am waiting forward to hearing from you guys and i will answer every questions you'll post.