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: Need a little help with getting the bottom cover of the steering column off

06-18-2012, 04:39 PM
Hey guys, just joined the forums but been reading lots.....

Well here is a little brief.....i have a 2002 730d photo is on the "Let's see everyone's 7" thread "

my steering wheel will go back and forth but wont go up or down & currently its stuck on the up most position, so i researched here and there and went through this thread on bimmerfest, really helped cause everything discussed on that thread is about the issue i have at hand right now, so i did everything mentioned and it was all going in a too good to be true way....

To put this problem in brief, its.... a retainer clip that was stuck and causing the motor to lock up, there is a washer that has a gap in between & you need to hit that so it unlocks ! (image taken by user: denalixtc)

Now the problem is....
that sliced bit is facing downwards for me, and when i tried to remove the bottom part of the steering column, it would not come off ! there are about 4-5 screws on the cover, than about 3 screws below that & about 3 torx screws, i removed every screw in that place, but still doesnt come off, i tried giving it a lil pull but it wont budge, its like as if its stuck to something or i dont essence that part is supposed to fall down when you remove all the screws etc.... but it doesnt its like as if there are clips or something inside & it just wont come off ! i even took a mini torch & went under it to look if there is anything thats obstructing the removal but there is nothing, so i'm confused now as to why its not coming off. i even tried the "BMW TIS Online Repair Manuals" but nothing... so i thought let me try and post a topic here about it maybe someone can help me ?

any contribution/reply/assistance will be highly appreciated