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: Advice needed... ED 8/13

06-19-2012, 10:55 PM
I'm having a hard time nailing down what we are doing for our ED. I have family business issues that are making it more difficult, too. Although its a two week vacation, the car isn't ready for pick up until half the trip is over. My GF has to be back in school 9 days after we pick up in Munich, so no choice but to have the car for half the trip. :/ Before we arrive in Munich for delivery, we might come from Paris and go to Berlin and then Leipzig.

The places we must visit are Leipzig, Ravensburg and of course Munich for delivery.
I can visit Leipzig before we get the car and take a train to Munich but visiting Ravensburg will have to be after the pick up because we will need a car to get to my relatives.

After we take delivery, we aren't sure wether we should travel east to Vienna and fly home from there or drop of the car in Paris instead or do both with the Ravensburg trip in the middle. We could do Ravensburg first and visit castles near there, I guess. :confused:

My GF likes castles and she wants to drive a lot while we are there. We also love beautiful scenery and I have read here about the Stelvio pass and other places. I like photography and will be bringing a nice back and lenses with me.

We land in Europe somewhere on August 6th, pick the car up on the 13th and we fly back ok the 21st. Where should we go during that time?

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