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: misfire after changing intake

06-22-2012, 12:27 PM
I'v been fighting this 02 745i for a while, I got a misfire on #3 (code 1347) that doesnot want to go away, I changed plugs and coil packs, checked all wiring to and from ECM and IVM all were good, I checked all wiring to and from the motor and were good. Now it still misfire on #3 and if I leave it running for a while it will misfire on all cylinders one by one (codes 1343,1345,1347,1341,1349,1355,1357) sometimes 2 code up to 8 and then I get code 0363. I'm thinking I did something wrong when I replaced the intake gasket (did the job 3 times) I torqued the nuts to 16lb was that too much or not enough. (all vacuum hoses are fine too) Any idea anybody?????????????? Thanks