View Full Version : High Battery Drain Issue

06-23-2012, 11:28 AM
A few weeks ago my IC lit up with multiple errors (not High Battery Drain). They they all went away on driving. Took it to dealership and they said they reset my steering angle sensor and saw the errors but did not find any problem etc. They did the battery cable recall at the same time. All good .. few weeks later.. get the high battery drain warning... take it to dealership and they keep the car for 2 days hooking it up to various systems etc.. they see that in the logs "something" comes on does the drain and switches on... they just cannot tell what is this "something"!!! They send me home after charging the batter they assure me my driving profile is not a problem etc. 2 weeks pass and I get the problem again.. they have it hooked up to the system again at the dealership and still cannot figure out what happened again!!! They know there is a problem they do not know what is the problem.. which module is creating the problem etc.
I have a white battery .. not AGM it is as old as the car so about 30 months old with 28K miles on it... I have researched it a lot and no one has good grip on this issue.. Current Car at dealership and they will be opening a PUMA case... Any thing else I should be doing??? Any thoughts and ideas on this??