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: New kid on the block

06-26-2012, 12:25 AM
Hi, just bought a 2002 745Li, and have a few questions, any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. I need a navigation disc, Im not sure which one to get, soooo many options, do I need a DVD or CD, do I get a 2012 version or 2002 version, which will work for my car?

2. When I push the trunk button inside, it opens it automatically, and closes automatically without me pushing the close button. I dont know if this is normal, or if I need to reset something, but basically it doesnt give me any time to put stuff in the trunk.

3. Sometimes when I start the car, the auto heat and AC comes on for the passenger, I didnt even touch anything, could this be a custom program that the previous order did?

4. For the life of me I cant figure out how to operate the radio and set my stations. I read the owners manual, and its telling me to click on "manual" but there is no manual option, just like the owners manual tells me I can adjust the brightness of the screen, it doesnt show that option either.

If anyone knows anything about this, I would love to hear how to solve the issues, thank you.

06-26-2012, 01:32 AM
You need the BMW Navigation High DVD, there are some for each year, sometimes two (I and II) in a single year.

The trunk behavior is certainly weird, it should stay open. Does it do the same when you use the button on your keyfob?

Also a bit strange, normally it should be in the same state in which you left it when you shut the engine down.

Provided pre-facelift is the same as facelift: when you go to Radio menu, there are "stored stations" and "manual stations" something like that. You need to choose the latter. Screen brightness is in the Car Settings, or should be at least.

06-26-2012, 06:14 AM
It sounds like the trunk may have a faulty pump it is able to open but is unable to stay open.

06-26-2012, 09:36 AM
You need the BMW Navigation High DVD, there are some for each year, sometimes two (I and II) in a single year.

Won't he need the CD version being a 2002 model? They have a NAVI01 as standard that only supports CD's?

Did someone on here do a DIY about checking/changing the hydraulic oil for the boot lid? Have a feeling it may have been ACEFX.

Are you using the same key every time you start the car? When I first got the 7 i couldn't understand why sometimes settings were different when I got in, then realised i was randomly alternating between the two keys! :rofl:

06-26-2012, 11:06 AM
Yes its a CD Navigation, not DVD in an 02

06-26-2012, 08:39 PM
1. 2002 nav01-cd disc
2. You need new designed spring system. Mine is the same way.
3. With key on adjust your AC settings, on seats hit M button and button 1, the car should store this in memory.
4. Go to FM, then push Settings, then top menu push FM and you will see two buttons in the middle of the I drive one should say AUTO and tge other MANUAL plus a radio frequency in the middle. You can then press auto and it will auto scan, one you hit the station you want to the right of the frequency is store or MEM. Then it will show you a place to store your station. FM has 2 settings. 1-6 and another 1-12.

Hope this helps.

06-27-2012, 12:52 AM
Thank you everyone for the information and help, I will look into all of this and try to figure it out, at least I have a basic idea now, thank you......