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: Dedicated towel cleaners - worth it?

06-28-2012, 03:29 PM
If you are using one, this post is not for you, except to laugh at me. :)

A Powerful Liquid Laundry Soap - Towel Kleen | 3D Products (

I am not sure why I never saw the light? I really thought it was a gimmick and that the best laundry detergents were just as good. Boy was I wrong!!!!

Normally, I do a heavy cycle, and do 1 or 2 additional rinse cycles, depending on the size of the load with vinegar added to it. The towels felt clean but I kept purchasing more and more towels as I love the feeling of a brand new towel and how much better they work vs my "used" towel. So when I was at 3D a couple of weeks ago, TOWEL KLEAN was 1 of 5 items I haven't tried from 3D so had a gallon sent to me so that I could try it.

Luckily, I had not done "laundry" in awhile so I brought is a big trash bag full of towels from the garage.

32 - 16x16
1 - 24x16
2 large waffle wave towels
4 window towels
2 applicators
1 grout sponge (not in the picture)

All clean now!!! Light and fluffy! (
P1080627 ( by thomasdekany (, on Flickr

Read the directions and I used 3 capfuls. Not sure how much that is in oz.

I did one "heavy cycle. Nothing else. Towels went straight to the dryer. (Saturday night) I really wanted to see if this product worked.

I did a paint correction detail yesterday and was eager to wipe stuff off :D

Be smart and learn from my mistake and get your hands on some Towel Cleaner. My towels now feel brand new!!! Even on windows, they work perfect, nothing is left behind on the windows.

I am really exited now, why didn't I try it sooner??? On top of it, it saves you water, power and time. All these = saved $$$$

What a difference!

Thanks for reading, and I hope I helped a few people. Let me know your thoughts.

PS: I wish someone shook me years ago and said: ORDER IT!!!!!! Oh well, better late than never! :D

A Powerful Liquid Laundry Soap - Towel Kleen | 3D Products (