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: Pink Car Soap

06-28-2012, 03:54 PM
Since I first ordered this product awhile back, this has been the only car soap on my cars.

An excellent hand soap as well, handy by the sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

You can tell the quality of a soap, by how easy it rinses. Experiment with the soaps you have. :) The more you rinse your hands to get the soap off, the longer it is to wash it off the car completely.

Great for car washes, detailers, and more.
Concentrated soap
High Foam car wash shampoo
Rinses fast
Ph Balanced
Green and biodegradable car wash soap
Water saving product

Pink Car Soap is an innovation in liquid cleaning soap that is best in its class. Its rich composition makes it super-concentrated and thick, providing maximum lather even with the smallest amount of usage. This is a high-foaming car soap that easily washes away all traces of grime, dirt, and road film with just a few strokes, bringing out your car's true colors.

Pink Car Shampoo for your muscle vehicle? Yes, they are compatible! Why would a detailer choose this soft-looking soap over the tough-seeming variants out on there that spell brawny? Simple! Your car deserves the gentlest yet toughest vehicle surface cleaner in the market. You might have been used to using car washing soap that looked harsh and worked rough.

This soap is a favorite of many full-service high end car washes, which will clean any car, RV, or motorcycle thoroughly. In its development, the product was made to be gentle for your car as well as for you.

What car wash owners and employers need to look out for is a safe and fast washing and rinsing liquid soap that is safe for employees to use. Pink car soap meets and exceeds all of these criteria. With a pH level that is well-balanced for even the most delicate car finishing and scrubbing hands, you can confidently use it for hand-washing your vehicle. The dense and stable suds that are produced upon mixture with water will make sure that after cleaning vehicles they will impress onlookers. This is also a great soap to get a car ready for surface polishing and waxing. Pink car soap also rinses-off easily thus saves a lot of water.

The best way to use it for washing is to dilute 1 oz. of the product per every gallon of water. Use a car wash mitt or sponge to clean the surface of the vehicle and rinse off with a high pressure water hose. You can use an extra large microfiber towel to dry off the automobile.

Do not wash your car with dish soap! It is not designed for washing cars nor does it rinse easily. This car wash soap will last you a while if you are a home detailer and will lead to inexpensive car washing rituals. However, this is also the same car wash soap that many Southern California car washes use. Itís higher quality ingredients make it a product worthy of using on your special car. Because it is also pH balanced it will not ruin your car wax or expensive car paint sealents.

Pink Car Soap is the best option for cars that need to be washed. Just remember - it may look gentle, but it definitely is tough.