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: Hd nitro seal

06-28-2012, 04:12 PM
Do you want unbeatable shine? CHECK!
Do you want gloss that is unmatched? CHECK!
Do you want very long lasting protection? CHECK!

Try ANY Wax or Sealant against NITRO SEAL and you'll see which product you prefer.

Take your car's paint to another level!
Unprecedented slickness & shine
Revolutionary, Patent Pending, two part polymer paint sealant system
Super easy to apply!




HD® Nitro SealTM is a revolutionary two part copolymer paint sealant system that is designed to be used by everyone who owns a vehicle. It is easily applied by hand; so anyone can do it.

No need for endless manuals, polishers, or equipment. HD® Nitro SealTM will make your car look newer than when you bought it.

This two part process is the first of its kind. HD® Nitro SealTM activates its brilliance when you blend Part A and Part B(patent pending). on the surface of the automobile. Each bottle is topped off with nitrogen gas to ensure longevity of the shelf life and deliver spectacular results.

Part A is an aminofunctional fluid group and Part B is a hybrid Montan wax composite. Part A provides excellent surface affinity and spreadability through its incredible wetting feature (that’s why a little goes a long way), thus anchoring the product to the car paint.

What others are saying:

“thats the best looking 11 year old jetta i've ever seen.”

“now you have a product that not only looks fantastic, but it will outlast most other LSPs of its kind. Here is what I think: Not only does NS look as good as POXY, it looks BETTER. Actually, a lot better. The gloss is off the charts…It also feels very very slick. NS is everything one would want.” – Thomas Dekany

Another blogger mentions: “Looks like the final sealant purchase for me. Nitro will replace my Zaino”

Application Review

Technical Review

Kit Contains:
- 1 HD Nitro Seal Part A
- 1 HD Nitro Seal Part B
- 1 Red Applicator
- 1 Black Applicator
- 1 Microfiber Towel
- 1 Latex Glove
- 1 Instruction Sheet
- 1 Nitro Seal Box (UPS orders only).