: Hd free

06-28-2012, 04:28 PM
I could say: it is the best product of its kind, but instead I will quote a well known detailing fanatic, who is very hard to please.

I love HD Free, best waterless wash there is

No Pollution Cleaning Solution
Guaranteed Not to Scratch
When Used as Directed



HD® Free™ is a revolutionary nano-polymer formula with advanced emulsifying and lubricating agents designed to clean, shine and protect the painted surface.

Our powerful formula dissolves dirt and grime while the lubricating agents lift and encapsulate particles allowing you to smoothly wipe without scratching the surface using a microfiber towel. Our product is certified by Bureau Veritas.

HD® Free™ can be used to clean most vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome, wheels, dashboards, consoles, door panels, wheel rims, door jams, non-fabric upholstery surface areas, and even engines. Leaves a streak-Free, clean, high gloss finish, while repelling dirt buildup and extending your wash period.

Each wash saves between 60-80 gallons of water. Easy to use anytime, anywhere in almost 15 minutes or less without any mess.

Perfect for use on all vehicles; including: motorcycles, boats, airplanes and RV's. This advanced formula is non-toxic, biodegradable and free of any VOC's