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: 3D Grand Slam - Engine Degreaser & More

06-28-2012, 04:47 PM
My go to product for wheels and engine cleaning

Engine degreaser
Rinses fast
Degreases tools and all vehicles
Emulsifies grease & grime


Grand Slamô is a strong degreaser that works excellent on engines, machinery, tools, tires, and floors. Grand Slamô works fast to loosen, and emulsify, grease and grime for easy rinse. When used as directed, it is safe to use on virtually all painted surfaces. Moreover, this product is also a great wheel cleaner. It will emulsify the brake dust from the rims and tires. All you have to do is wait 30 seconds and then use a ideally pressure washer or garden hose with a nozzle. Degreasing tires is a good idea as it will make the appearance of the Tire Dressings much better. Grand Slamô is also a green product. It does not contain any harmful chemicals such as glycol ether EB, yet it is more powerful than most commercial tire degreaser that contains EB.

It is important for you to have a reliable engine degreaser in your garage. No matter what state your car may be in, it will always have problems when it comes to excess grease. This is because there will always be some excess dirt caught up in the under hood of your engine and perhaps the other parts of the car's exterior. This is why you need the right degreasing ability and in this case, what you need is a Grand Slam Car Engine Degreaser.

The Grand Slam Degreaser is one of the best cleaning materials that you can apply on your car. Not only will you get to use it on your car's engine, you can also use it on wheel wells, fenders, and other parts of your car that has grease built up. This is important, since not all excess grease and dirt are found in the engine. The task of this cleaning agent is to loosen and emulsify all the compacted grease, making for an easier way to clean it up. It works well even if the affected area is painted or has vinyl. The Grand Slam degreaser also works very well on tires, rims and even on rocker panels.

You can use this green degreaser on motorcycles, RVís and other mobile homes, too. Use the as a bike cleaner and degreaser or as a motorsports heavy duty degreaser and cleaner.

A favorite of mobile detailers & car washes, Grand Slam will give you positive results. Car care enthusiasts also rave about how this cleaner is made from eco-friendly ingredients. No doubt, this is the best way to clean up your car and feeling good about the environment at the same time!

This biodegradable degreaser can also be used in the aircraft industry on planes and jets. It leaves no oil film and removes grease, oil, break dust, tar, break fluid, and other unappealing contaminants. Use it on aircraft engines and bellies, too as this is a cost effective degreaser.

Grand slam is very effective and powerful degreaser. At the same time very economical. This cleaner / degreaser is highly concentrated. You can dilute this product up to 10-to-1. However; the most effective dilution level is 4-to-1.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Grand Slam Car Engine Degreaser and other care care products from 3dproducts today and take your car cleaning to the next level.