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: New battery; Now electronics are going crazy! Help!

06-29-2012, 06:56 PM
So I needed a new battery and on my fathers recommendation (and against my better judgment) I went to his independent mechanic that he takes his mercedes to, to have the new battery put in. I made sure it as the right battery; a worldplus agm 49 (rebranded deka). I also said multiple times that the battery had to be registered.

Well I got it back and the car ran great for two days until today (friday evening). Now the navigation menu screen is blank, the voice activation doesn't work, the radio is non-working except for hissing/crackling, the screen keeps flickering, the menu keeps popping up after being dismissed, and the screen stays on even after turning off and locking the car.

I also had an airbag code from removing the passenger seat awhile ago that I asked the mechanic to clear it but he gave me some excuse about how there were too many airbag modules ect.

Does it require special tools/software beyond obd2 to register the battery? I think the reason this is happening is because the mechanic didn't register the battery and its still using the old charging cycle. Possibly didn't even go into the computer at all. Thoughts? Is there a way for me or a real BMW dealer to tell if the battery has been registered? Are my electronics in danger?

06-30-2012, 11:18 AM
I have gone thru this several times, INPA is the only software that can register your battery to the car correctly.

This takes less than 20 seconds to preform. If the car has not been registered the battery can be totally drained to the point that the car is shutting down electronics.

This also effects how the alternator charges the battery.