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: OT: Montreal

07-02-2012, 04:05 PM
Sorry for posting here, but regional forum is very weak with threads.
Anyway I'm planning to visit Montreal in two weeks or so. Staying in downtown around Rue Saint Denis and Blvd Rene-Levesque. (is it safe there?!)
So I have a couple questions
1.Parking, safe parking. I hope it's safe to park for couple days. I'm looking to park and use public transportation only.
2. Criminal activities, is it safe to walk at midnight or past to midnight or better to taxi to hotel? (Taxi fare?)
3. Public transportation. Is any passes I can buy for couple days.
4. Eating places. Breakfast (something close to where I'm staying)
5. Comedy clubs on English language. Somewhere in downtown near Sainte Catherine
6. Any other advices.
7. Fun places. (good places for couple drinks, but not to get in trouble.....police..) I don't get drunk in places I don't know.
8. Old town restaurants, Cafe'
9. Border (i will cross route 87/15)
10. Roads, speed limits, traps, general information.

Thank you