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: 2006 Acura TL Minor Paint Correction ( volume vs quality )

07-03-2012, 09:12 AM
Hi guys

I have a forum member contact me about doing a detail for him before I leave to California. His concern was the buffer trials left by the previous detailer. Unfortunately his not very please with detailers in NYC, and now his paying again to have it detail correctly by me. The car is park outside 24/7, and sadly it's been vandalized :(

I didn't take many pictures on this one. I just shoot some video at arrival at late afternoon, one 50/50 video, and some after pictures. Start 9-10am - 7:30 pm, so no sun shots :( sorry..

anyways here are pictures and video! also I'm testing a new camcorder, a gift from Audi for high CSI in the past years. so please excuse the video this time. ( only testing :) )



Thanks for looking!
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