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: Radio and CD player glitch

07-05-2012, 09:18 AM
Hi guys, got a couple of questions. I parked the car for couple of hours in a pouring rain tonight, and when I came back I found out that CD player switched to radio (started playing radio automatically) for some reason, normally it memorizes the last input source, and CD or DVD(either one, both have mp3 cds in it) was the last source. So that's the first problem, second is that I remember that wipers stopped at the bottom of the windshield, where I left it, but when I came back they were stuck in upright position. May be I'm being paranoid, but I locked the car when I left it, but cd switched to radio and wipers position make me somewhat suspicious. Has anyone encountered this kind of glitch (if it is a glitch) and if not, what could be a possible reason? rain? humidity? we got quite a hard rain tonite here. It's not possible to operate neither radio nor wipers without a key, rite?