View Full Version : IBSSensor?

07-08-2012, 08:22 PM
Over the last few months at very irregular intervals while driving, I will suddenly get a Check Engine Light along with an "Increased Emissions" warning on the iDrive screen. Simultaneously the motor bogs down as if it'll die, the tachometer needle surges, and the whole motor shakes violently. If I downshift and accelerate it'll recover, but the tach needle bounces up and down when I touch the throttle. Feels like the motor will shake out of the engine compartment. It'll drive crazy for a day or two, and then suddenly back to normal.
I have the Bentley Publisher Service manuals and it describes it as a knock. It first recommends to try a better gasoline. I only use Chevron's Premium. The book says that major engine damage could occur. The other morning while on the highway it happened again, so I went right to the dealership. Long story short they said I need to replace the IBS Sensor and the Battery. Although by the time they got to my car the faults had cleared. I have never had any electrical problems. Even when it occurs, I don't lose power, iDrive, or music.
Anybody had this happen? Any Ideas? Anybody had to replace their IBS Sensor? I'm a DIY'r and if that's the solution I'd like to do it myself. The book makes it seems easy enough, but I'm concerned about the the computer recognizing it.

I'd hate to have the dealership do the work, thanks guys for all your help!

Its a 2005 545i manual.