: iPad GPS Add On for NAV

X3 Skier
07-09-2012, 07:32 AM
I am using the Bad Elf GPS receiver as an ad-on for my iPad for use in the cockpit when flying. In conjunction with Flying Apps like ForeFlight, it is an excellent in-flight NAV System. It also works very well as a Ground NAV System.


The $129 price on the Bad Elf site can be better by $30 at many stores including Sporty's Pilot Shop.


There is another Apple approved device called Dual that connects via Bluetooth. Sporty's also carries the Dual device for $99.95


I prefer the Bad Elf device since it runs off the iPad Battery and the iPad can be charged while the Bad Elf is plugged in. The Dual system has its own battery and needs to be charged separately. The Bad Elf does take some of the iPad charge but since it can be hooked up with a charger while in use, I don't consider that much of a drawback.

I recommend either of these devices for navigation as they have served me well in flight and on the ground. If you want to use your iDevice, (iPad, iPhone, iPod) for NAV without worrying about connection after downloading maps via wifi or as a part of an app, these two items are good choice.