: 3d detailing kit #2

07-10-2012, 12:08 PM
This may be the perfect kit for you. If your car has been polished and waxed already, you are going to love how easy it is to maintain that freshly detailed look with only a few products.

Lets start with:

Orange Degreaser

A very potent all purpose cleaner, that will clean your wheels, tires, wheel wells with ease. It is also gentle, and works very well on the interior. Clean up carpet, vinyl, plastic, leather safely. Smells great too! :cheers:

Express Wax

While most "spray waxes" are on the weak side when it comes to durability, this formula is actually long lasting. Perfect to spruce up your wax or sealant that is on your car between washes. You will be surprised by the slick finish it leaves behind. :thumbs:

Liquid Leather

This product has received more praises from my customer than I can remember. They love how soft the leather becomes, the smell is great and how it looks OEM. It also dries to the touch. While this product contains gentle cleaners, when I do an interior detail, I first use a dedicated cleaner like the orange degreaser to deep clean the surface from what ever was on before. Once I apply Liquid Leather, I instruct my clients to just use Liquid Leather as a cleaner and conditioner.

Final Touch

A very popular quick detailer, for paint, glass, plastic, and chrome. If you are used to other QDs, the difference here is that you need to use a lot less product. When you spray it on the surface, you will see that it doesn't just run off. It will stay on. :cheers: Less product will do more work for you. If you were looking for a true streak free QD, this is it.

Ultra Protectant

My go to tire dressing and when ever I have plastic that could use some protection, this product goes on.

This is the look you will get with just 1 coat. :cheers: