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: BMW Z4M Roadster Minor Paint correction + Autofinesse Treatment

07-13-2012, 08:44 PM
Hi guys

I have BMW Z4M interested in a Mobile Minor paint correction, the goal here was to remove 50+% paint defects. The owner also asked me to perform a convertible treatment using provided by owner, 303 fabric convertible kit. I didn't take many pictures on this one, and my batteries were low on my Fenix FK35 and HP11 at the end of the Im really sorry for lack of afters or 50/50s.

anyways here are the tools and products used


Kranzle 1120T with foam cannon
Grit guard buckets
Wheel woolies set
Swissvax wheel brush
EZ wheel brush
Adams wheel stick 601
Nanoskin autoscrub clay
Griots Garage 6 in and 3 in Polishers
Uber yellow buffing pad
Meguiars MF cutting pad


1Z W99 all purpose cleaner
Wolf's De-ionizer
Stoner's tarminator
Duragloss 501
Meguiars shampoo plus
Optimum No-rinse
Meg D300 compound
Meg 105 compound
Autofinesse Tripple
Autofinesse tough coat
Autofinesse crystal
Autofinesse gloss
1Z cockpit premuim

Thanks for looking!
Please feel free to question or comment!