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: TMP reset, what else could it be?

07-13-2012, 09:11 PM
Hey all,
I have 2008 528xi, I put 20 BMW staggered rims on it recently, 245 front, 275 rear. After install and customized TPM senors to stay in new room, my traction control and DTC, DSC is all acting up, slowing me down from actually accelorating? I dont understand it, I believe there are spped sensors, but where? Thanks, Brad:thumbup:

07-14-2012, 01:15 AM
I don't fully understand what you did, but it may be that the 4 wheels are not exactly the same size, hence spinning at slightly different rates and causing your traction control system to think some of them are slipping. That would make DCT kick in as it attempts to stabilize the car. What rim sizes and exact tires did you add?
Suggest putting your old rims back on and see if the problem persists. The XI uses same wheel size on all 4 wheels due to AWD.

I don't think TPMS has anything to do with it, but don't understand what you did, what's the customization? If they are 433 mhz variant and iDrive accepted them, then that should not be an issue.