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Cold engine mis-firing

07-16-2012, 04:29 PM
I couldn't find an e60 thread on this so here goes: Took my '08 535i, manual transmission, to the dealer 4 days ago. It had been starting up poorly when cold, but thereafter running fine, with occasional hiccups at steady throttle. Dealer could find codes so kept the car over night (got a nice NEW 535i as a loaner and will post a review if requested as I've now had it for four days) to attempt to replicate cold-start issues. They now say they've isolated to #5 cylinder fuel injector or spark plug and have relocated them each respectively to cylinders 4 and 3. So when they start it tomorrow AM they should have a sense of which cylindar is sending the code and therefore which part is faulty. The question is, has anyone had such an issue and was it resolved adequately. Also, is there any potential long-term damage potential from having had such a problem and should I have the dealer attend to that as well. Its still CPO, so I'm hopeful I will not get dinged for this or any associated work.